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Armand Renard

Great uncle Armand Renard

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In memory of the oldest son Armand Renard

With its distinct flavour, Armand is based on a Greenstar apple accompanied with dill and estragon. This drink is carbonated.

Food pairings

Best with appetisers, salads, fish.

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Victor Renard with his wife

Great great grandfather Victor Renard

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An ode to our founder Victor Renard

The carbonated drink is made from a Braeburn apple base accompanied with subtle currant and bay leaf.

Food pairings

Best with meat and savoury dishes.

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Great grandfather Julien Renard

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Magali Renard

Great Great granddaughter Magali Renard

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In honour of Magali's
Great grandfather
Julien Renard

Based on a Braeburn apple and finished with mountain herbs and walnut.

Food pairings

Best with cheese or desserts.

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Great aunt Margriet Renard

Discover the family story

Victor's only daughter Margriet Renard

Coming in the autumn of 2019 for a first seasonal/limited edition drink.

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