From Downfall to Rebirth A family story

Victor Renard with his wife

You're drinking family history

You're not drinking a soda, you're drinking family history. Renard's history can be traced back to around 1890 when Victor Renard ran a lemonade and liquor company with his sons and daughter in Ghent, Belgium.

The golden era & the downfall

In the early 20th century, the company entered a golden era, but founder Victor Renard used the profits to support his own flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle. This included frequent trips to Paris and London, where he visited brothels, drank and gambled his fortune away. His lifestyle caused financial distress for his family and company, pushing it to the verge of bankruptcy on more than one occasion.

Maurice, Julien, Margriet and Armand

Maurice, Julien, Margriet and Armand

Victor's children kept the company afloat until 1930 when it was finally dissolved. Victor Renard distanced himself from his family, ashamed of his past behaviour. He was never able to face his family again and decided to end his own life a few years later.

The Rebirth

The story of "Victor Renard" vanished into family history until 80 years later, when it was picked up again by his great-great-granddaughter Magali Renard. Intrigued by the rich family history and the company's dark past, Magali decided to revive the company and honour her family legacy. Together with business partner Jessica Torres Hurtado and in collaboration with top chefs, she formulated a unique range of gastronomic alcohol-free drinks.

Ladies of Renard

Carrying on the family legacy The ladies of Renard

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Who are the ladies of Renard?

Magali Renard and Jessica Torres Hurtado have known each other since they were very young. Magali is the entrepreneurial type while Jessica is a dedicated foodie. Magali: “When I was 15, my father told me about the history of our family company. The story has stuck with me ever since. A few years ago I […]

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